Hostel Rules

In order to get along well with each other, we would like to give you a look at our hostel rules

check-in: We make sure your bed/room is ready at 03 PM.

check-out time is at 10.30 AM. Off course you can check-out earlier if you want to, starting from 07.00 AM (april > sept) or 08.00 AM (okt > march). Let us know if you’re an early bird and would like to check-out earlier.

every traveler gets a personal key card to enter his room.

in case your roomkey is lost; a 5€ fine will be charged.

you can put your luggage in our luggage room. Valued articles should be stored in the safe boxes at your room. Backstay Hostel is not responsible for any case of loss, damage or theft.

breakfast buffet is open between 07.30 AM and 10.30AM in the breakfast room. It is not permitted to take any food away from there

eating and drinking (except water) is forbidden in the rooms.

Backstay Bar is open from 10.00 AM until 10.00 PM.

you can only consume your own food in the travellers area. It is forbidden to bring any type of food or drinks into the Backstay Bar or your room.

please be quiet from 10.30 PM until 07.30 AM. Don’t gather in the corridors, reception or bar at night

the reception, bar and common areas are under video surveillance for your own safety

Backstay Hostel is a non smoking-hostel. You can have your cigarette at the terrace.

any type of drugs is forbidden throughout the whole building.

travellers are expected to respect other guests, staff, and property.

any guest(s) who, in the opinion of our staff, compromise the comfort, safety or security of other guests or staff will be asked to leave the hostel and will not be offered a refund.